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Two reviews on Kevin's new book of poems  Jesus Was a Homeboy

Readings and Things:


Feb 3-4 Northshore Young Writer's Conference

Feb - 8-10 AWP - Washington D.C. / Book Signing Feb 10 - 2:00  Table #330

Feb 22 - Porter Square Books, Cambridge, Ma. 7:00.

April 29 - Newburyport Literary Festival, Newburyport, Ma.

May 5 -7 Mass Poetry Festival

June 11 -  Plymouth Center for the Arts - 12:00 (with January O'Neil)

June 21  - Gibbons Bookstore, Concord N.H. - 7:00

September 23 - The Classic Quiche Cafe in Teaneck, NJ

photo by Mark Hillringhouse

  Kevin Carey is an Assistant Professor in the English Department at Salem State University. He writes poetry, fiction and stage plays. His work can be found in several literary journals, The Apple Valley Review, The Literary Review, The Comstock Review, and The Paterson Literary Review. 

He has published three books: The One Fifteen to Penn Station (Cavankerry Press, N.J. 2012) 

"Carey's poems are firmly rooted in the American landscape of the city...[his poetry] is specific, clear and unflinching, his humor sardonic..."

                                                                                               Maria Mazziotti Gillan

The Beach People (Red Bird Chapbooks 2014)


"[He celebrates]  the ride of life, real life - and it's twin real death - with wit, precision and with a brave and unmistakably tremendous heart." 

                                                                                                       David Daniel                                                                                                                                                                                            

A new book of poetry Jesus Was a Homeboy (also from Cavankerry Press)


"The poet shows us there is strength and fear in vulnerability, and he shows this to us in the subtle unpretentious sharing of everyday imagery. In this there is a power, a certain power that requires the poet to suspend beleif in the same. Carey has given us a book that is wise and more profoundly so because the one power he subscribes to is the child's heart"

                                                                                      Afaa Michael Weaver                                         

Kevin is also a basketball coach in Beverly, Mass and a part-time filmaker. A recent documentary project called All That Lies Between Us (2014) is about New Jersey poet Maria Mazziotti Gillan. See movie trailer:

"When this fascinating documentary is over you understand that if there were a country called poetry Paterson would be its capital and Maria Mazziotti Gillan would be its president"

                                                                                                       Jeff Page                                                       

 Kevin is currently working on a film about deceased Salem, Mass poet Malcolm Miller (Unburying Malcolm Miller) and a full length stage play (The Stand or Sal is Dead) which will be staged in the winter of 2016. (Stay tuned for details!)

Poem of the Week (first published in Comstock review)

Jesus Was a Homeboy

he came with a pillow sack over his shoulder

took the triple decker loft that leaked when it rained,

talked all day about the jungle, the piles of dope,

the sins of his m-16,

talked about it when he walked the floor at three a.m.

threw open the window and yelled into the street


talked to the guys on the corner who bagged his coin

and passed him weed and beat him once good

for going on too long,

talked day after day, night after night, talked to the traffic,

the cab drivers, the police, the priests,the nuns,

talked to the guys in the steam room at the YMCA

and the kids playing basketball in the schoolyard

who called him “Jezu the cuckoo.”

Talked in the rectory the night he flipped a table

at a prayer meeting for vets

walked home with his rosary beads around his fist

shaved his head and stood in the rain

in a white satin robe he bought overseas

a few men in a circle around him watching the suffering.



Kevin reading poems at Brewster Ladies Library last fall. 


Recording of poems Chicago / Wishing Well


Read Home for the Holidays (Best of the Net 2011)


Reading of a poem Crazy Stuff at book launch.


Contact Kevin

Kevin is available for book readings and public speaking, please call 978-394-2224 or contact via email or Facebook.

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The One Fifteen To Penn Station